Entertainment Law

The Ferebee Group PLLC’s media and entertainment law practice has an emphasis on drafting and negotiating management, recording artist, and music publishing agreements. The Ferebee Group PLLC represents media companies, visual artists and literary artists in the protection and leveraging of their intellectual property.

Examples of Media & Entertainment Law services The Ferebee Group, PLLC provides:

  • Protection of name, image and likeness (right of publicity)

  • Merchandising and licensing agreements

  • Exclusive management agreements

  • Exclusive recording artist agreements / 360 Deals

  • Sponsorship/Endorsement agreements

  • Music publisher and songwriter agreements

  • Reality TV talent agreements for business owners

  • Music publishing catalog administration

  • Master/Sound recording catalog administration

  • Literary/Book agreements

  • Calculating the value of a music publishing catalog

  • Securing ASCAP/BMI/SESAC (PRO) licenses for media companies and venues

  • Representing music, artist, and media estates

  • Mediation

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