Asset Protection

Planning a business strategy revolving around protecting your assets is key to future financial solvency. By minimizing personal liability, you pave the way towards asset protection. Our League City estate planning attorney at The Ferebee Group, PLLC can help you find a solution to fully protect your personal possessions and business assets.

Financial Security through Wise Business Planning

Critical strategies for asset protection include:

  • Spreading and compartmentalizing your assets.
  • Stripping equity to increase your debt of public record.
  • Using appropriate entities to generate legal barriers to liability.
  • Compartmentalizing your properties from relevant leases or contracts.
  • Income and homestead protections.

Securely Achieve Your Business Goals

Predatory business practices thrive in today’s economy. The appropriate legal protections can provide you with the comfort of pursuing your life’s work without daily fears of having your assets stripped. Our Houston estate planning lawyer can help you with key strategies for safeguarding your business and properties.

The Ferebee Group, PLLC has tools that can help, including:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): If an LLC is appropriate for you, this company structure can provide liability protection.
  • Protection against lawsuits: Our years in practice have invested us with the tools to help you protect your assets from litigious predators.
  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs): We can help you work out whether this strategy would prove valuable to your situation.
  • Asset protection: You can be sued at any time, for any number of reasons. We can help you offset this chance.
  • Buy-sell agreements: Tax advantages and peace of mind are available through structured agreements.
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